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Kin Spirits is now trading as Calentillo Spirits

Kin Spirits has now rebranded it's business to trade as Calentillo Spirits.  The Spanish word Calentar means "to warm or heat" and when you replace the end of the word with illo, it means "to warm or heat a little" .  All of our products and services are aimed towards adding a little warmth to your evenings, events and special occasions and so we thought it'd be more appropriate to reflect that message in our branding.  Somehow the play on Spanish words added a certain sense of intrigue and creativity to our name - something our customers might say sums up our products and services well.
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Stylish moments

with our cocktail classes

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Uplifting Spirits

Personalised bottles of your favourite tipple

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Signature Spirits

 Create your very own Spirit drinks

Festival Fun

Events & occasions

Make your event or fundraiser standout with personalised Spirits

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