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Our passion here at Kin Spirits lies in the process of creating new flavours of spirits which bring your personality to life.  The process generally starts with a Free consultation and from there we have a range of approaches and services which we can offer.

Free consultation


The starting point in the creation of your bespoke recipes is to hold a Free consultation to discover your needs. We generally come along to this consultation with some ideas for your creation which we have developed based upon , for example, an initial telephone call, information found on your website, social media or general profile information.   The objective of the consultation session is to develop a broad direction of what your bespoke spirit might contain.  If you'd like to get started with a Free consultation then click here. 


Prototype development


If, following the consultation you have a clear idea of your requirements we'd generally recommend that you commission the creation of a single bottle prototype.

The creation of a prototype is a useful stage to check that your requirements have been properly encapsulated in the product we produce for you.  We will be able to advise you during your consultation on flavours which will work together, decisions regarding e.g. London Dry Gin v Distilled Gin, infusions, syrups, bottling and labeling.

Although  this activity is Labour intensive, we only charge our wholesale bottle price for the development of your prototype - this reflects our investment in your project.


Gin Tasting


If you feel that you would like to consider more than one option for your chosen spirit, and perhaps involve your customers, friends or colleagues in the process, then we would recommend holding a tasting session.

In this scenario we produce, 5 variations of spirit for your guests to sample and we guide guests through the thought process behind the creation of each product, capture their feedback and collate output after the event to aid your final decision.


We recommend that a notional ticketing price is charged to guests and in so doing you not only provide an entertaining and value for money evening, but you are also like!y to recover the costs of this exercise. In our experience the biggest benefit of this approach is that your customers have total buy in to your product when it hits the shelves.

Once you've decided on your bespoke spirit the next stage is to help you achieve your objectives. 


Here are a few of the typical types of projects we get involved in and the support we can offer.


Private Label Spirits

One of the reasons Kin spirits came into existence was to offer, typically independent, pubs and restaurants a point of difference with the creation and production of a Private label spirit only available through their outlet.

In this regard, we helped support the launch of the Zen Den through the creation of the Coach House Zen Den Zinghy Gin, this is offered both as a gift and to enjoy in the newly built Zen Den whilst guests enjoy their day or weekend of treatments (more information here).

We provided The County Tavern with a bespoke recipe Christmas gin - The Christmas Surprise, to add to their extensive range of Gin options in the run-up to Christmas 2019.  The product was created to reflect their role as a pub in the local community and utilised a colour changing botanical too add a surprise at Christmas time.  (more information here).

Events & Fund Raising

Up and down the Country there are many localised events held typically on an annual basis to celebrate, for example, folklore and legend; gala days; or other community gatherings.  We recently created bespoke gin to celebrate the legend of the Haxey Hood (more information here).

The Gin was offered for exclusive distribution in only local pubs and a single local off-licence .  A collaborative effort was made to support sales of the Gin both to and from these establishments with support through, for example, social media.

The Gin was well received and purchased both over the counter and as gifts by the bottle.  The end result was a Gin that the Haxey Hood could be proud of and a nice extra fundraising initiative for the Committee.

Occasions & Celebrations


Whether you're a corporation or planning a private party such as a wedding or birthday we can provide a bespoke gin to help you mark the occasion.  


A beauty salon wanted to develop a bespoke branded gin they could offer as a gift for their custimers - something which reflected the personality of the owners and their business.  This led to the creation of the "Ruche It Up Baby" gin (more information here) The product was customised to reflect the customers desire for a Gin made to be matched with lemonade and the additiona of shimmer create a presentation akin to a large bottle of nail varnish! (more information here).


Reaching the age of 18 is always a major landmark and one of our clients wanted to celebrate this occasion by developing a Gin for her daughter and subsequently to be able to gift this product to family and close friends.  We created a Gin which reflected the interests and personality of their daughter.

Whatever your goal of reason take advantage of our free consultation. And start creating your bespoke spirit today by clicking here.


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