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12. Ruche it up baby

When we spoke with Rachel and Ruth it was clear that we needed a gin which mixed the modern with tradition. For the modern we set about creating a gin which would work well with the way many people drink it today – with Lemonade and for the tradition we’ve continued to incorporate the best of gins past and present.

We’re delighted to bring you this Ruche inspired gin – which will help you to Ruche it Up Baby. Here’s the line up:

A perfect match

To make Ruche work, you need a perfect team and the two key ingredients here are Ruth and Rachel. Similarly in gin there are two key ingredients – Juniper Berries and Coriander Seeds, and so we start this gin off with this perfect pairing


They describe themselves as the original Oldham lasses and they stay close to their roots. To reflect this we’ve included two classic Roots, the Angelica Root and Orris Root. The Angelica brings a certain earthiness to the gin, reminiscent of the earthy nature of Oldham and Saddleworth. The Orris Root has an important role to play in helping to bind together all of the other botanicals.

With Lemonade

The modern twist on this gin, is that it has been specially created to pair with Lemonade. So we’ve included a set of botanicals which pair with lemon perfectly, these include Lemon zest which is the base of this gin and raspberry which gives the gin it’s scent. Herbs of basil, rosemary and thyme bring a sweet and smooth edge to the gin.

Family & Friends

Ruche, Rachel and Ruth are all about family and friends and so to encapsulate this effect, we have added a couple of additional botanicals to further enhance the sweet edge to this gin, namely – Cassia and the Lucuma fruit from Peru.

Glitz & Glamour

A visit to Ruche always adds a little Glitz and Glamour to your day and so we’ve rounded off this gin with a little glitz and glamour in the form of Rose Gold shimmer – very Ruche 😊

Best served

This flavoursome gin is best served with a simple Lemonade accompanied with a single raspberry.

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