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With love from Paulo

It was with a heavy heart that the doors of The Old Bill were closed but with characteristic charm, warmth and energy,  Paolo embarked on his new venture to provide "Ambient Dining by Paolo Bissolati" and make sure you can continue to enjoy great food prepared by Paolo himself.

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to capture the essence of The Old Bill Wine Bar and Bistro, into a bottle of gin.  So we created this bespoke London Dry Gin, which is Paolo's way of saying thanking to all of his customers, old and new - it comes "With love from Paolo x".


The Arancia is handcrafted in a copper alembic still, right here in Oldham.  It begins with all of the classic botanicals which make a quality gin - Juniper berries, Coriander seeds and Angelica root and to make sure the flavours all bind to each other we throw in a little Orris root. 


Next we look to capture a hint of Italy with some Arancia (Orange) to conjure associations with Sicilian blood red oranges.  It's not an easy trick to bring out the Oldham in an Italian, but if it can work for the Bissolati family then it can work in a gin :)


So we bring in some of the classic herbs that Paolo and family have often hand foraged, in the Oldham area - they include Rosemary and Thyme, and we add them to the copper pot.  Of course there are a few other special ingredients that you can't quite put your finger on but know you like - a bit like Paolo and The Old Bill.


If you'd like to place an order with Paolo, the Arancia retails at £35 per 70cl bottle and is a generous 46% alcohol by volume.   Just complete the form below and we'll deliver them to Paolo, who will supply them to you.

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